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60.3 Hectares with a Lake near Kejimkujik National Park

Quiet day at Hunt LakeHunt Lake, Highway 527 (Corkum Rd)
New Grafton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Located in the centre of Nova Scotia's pristine forest area near Kejimkujik National Park.

Close to urban amenities in the towns of Annapolis Royal and Digby.

Own your own spring-fed lake with roadways already established.

A drilled well is on the property with some sub-division work already completed.

Annual existing taxes: $1150 CAD (785 €).

Zoning: Mixed Use Rural Residential. More details below.

Four large and two smaller PID lots, plus 3 individual lots between Hunts Lake and Corkum One Road which have their own PIDs already, combine to create an ideal sub-division of summer or permanent residences with a very broad range of permitted uses. The Vendor's intention is to sell the entre group of lots together, averaging only about 4200 € per hectare!

Map showing PIDs

map showing land for sale

PIDs: 70159256, 70159272, 70159264, 70235882, 70159249, 70159231, 70159207, 70159215, 70159223

Video - Bird's eye view of the property

Location Map


Zoning: Mixed Use Rural Residential

lakeshoreThe zoning of this property offers a very broad range of permitted uses:

  • Agricultural uses;
  • Apartments up to a maximum of 15 units, subject Section 12.4;
  • Art galleries / studios;
  • Bed and breakfast;
  • Boarding houses to a maximum of five (5) units;
  • Campgrounds, subject to Section 14.7;
  • Condominiums up to a maximum of 15 units, subject Section 12.5;
  • Convenience stores
  • Converted dwellings;
  • Craft shops;
  • Day nurseries and kindergartens;
  • Duplex Dwellings;
  • Equestrian Facilities;
  • Farmers markets, subject to Section 14.6;
  • Forestry uses, subject to Section 14.8;
  • Funeral home;
  • Beaver damGarden centres / Greenhouses / Nurseries, subject to Section 14.6;
  • Gift shops;
  • Grocery stores, subject to Section 14.6;
  • Group dwellings, subject to Section 12.7;
  • Home businesses, subject Section 9.1;
  • Household livestock operations;
  • Institutional uses, subject to I1 Zone
  • Intensive livestock operations, subject to Section 14.5;
  • Mini (Mobile) homes, subject to Section 14.4;
  • Medical clinics, subject Section 14.6;
  • Movie rental shops;
  • Nursing homes, subject to Section 12.6;
  • Personal service shops, subject to Section 14.6;
  • Recreation / Open Space (P1) uses, subject to P1 Zone requirements;
  • Residential care facilities, subject to Section 12.6;
  • Restaurants (including drive in and take out), subject to Section 14.6;
  • Self storage businesses;
  • Semi detached dwellings;
  • Single detached dwellings;
  • Small options homes;
  • Storage of commercial fishing equipment and supplies;
  • Tourist establishments;
  • Triplex Dwellings;
  • Wind turbine generators (small scale), subject to Section 6.39

Contact Jim Chambers for more information.

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